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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Eyes Have It

I'm off to the eye doctor today.  I wear contact lenses, so I have to go every year.  Usually, whatever day I have to go we have a huge blizzard and I have to drive home in flying snow with my eyes dilated.  No fun!  But this year, we have rain, not snow, and Walker will be driving me.  I don't have to go to work tonight, or tomorrow, so once I'm done at the doctor, I'm on a mini vacation.  Wahoo!  I'm taking my sweetie out to lunch to celebrate.

The company I work for gives us generous vacation time, but we have to use it as our sick time, too.  So I usually save a week or so, just in case.  If we don't use it up by the end of the year, we lose it, so I always end up with a lot of time off in December.  I have Thursday and Friday off next week, too.  I'm going to finish my holiday cards and get my Christmas gifts wrapped today.  And I'm going to make some treats to send to my nephew at college.  He has finals next week, and I know he'll appreciate the goodies.

This year, my vision has gotten noticeably worse.  Last year, the doctor told me I was on the border of needing bifocals.  Well, I can tell you without even having my appointment that I have crossed the border and moved deep into bifocal territory.  I can't see a flipping thing up close without my readers on.  I can't even read labels at the grocery store.  Unfortunately, my insurance will not pay for new glasses until 2014, so those will be coming out of my pocket. In the meantime, I'll keep using readers with my contacts. 

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  1. Sorry your eyes are getting worse. I can sure undertand the feeling because I am always looking for a pair of glasses to read something especially labels.
    Glad you have so many days off in December. I think it would be great for you to help with all that we girls have to do in this month.
    I sometimes wish around this time of the year there were three of me instead of one. lol
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and dry.