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Friday, December 14, 2012

Woot! Vacation Begins ~

The oncology appointment went great yesterday.  The tech that drew my blood was a lovely German woman named Heidie.  I just love her accent.  She has worked with me before, and she remembered me, which....I don't know....they see so many people, she must have a great memory, because I didn't have any problems that day and it was over a year ago.  I wonder why I stuck in her memory.  Probably should not ponder that question, LOL.  Anyway, she went straight for the butterfly needle and got a good draw right away, no messing around with hot packs and heated blankets and big bottles of water.  I do not have a bruise or anything.  Then I saw a new doctor, as my "official" oncologist is being treated for cancer, too.  This doctor is temporary.  He told me there will be a new, permanent oncologist at my next six month check.  I had no problems but when he asked me if I am sleeping well, I told him I often have hot flashes at night so he gave me a new prescription to try.  I also have a small brown spot in the part in my hair that he wants me to get checked.  He made an appointment with a dermatologist in January, but he thinks it's just a large freckle.  I have a family history of skin cancer so they are being extra careful.  I hope I don't come home with a big bare spot in the middle of my head, but if I do, well, I have a hat.  A cute one with a pink cancer ribbon on it, left over from when I was supposed to have chemo.  Or I could get that spray on hair they sell on QVC.....

After the appointment, Walker and I went to Walgreens for my prescriptions but they only had one, the refill of Tamoxofen.  The new meds didn't show up in their system.  Back to the cancer center, talk to the nurse, submit the paperwork to Walgreens again.  Back to Walgreens, wait for the meds. Walker was getting impatient. I was glad to finally get out of there with everything I needed.

The fabulous bakery next door to the cancer center is closing in January, so we stopped there next.  The owners of the bakery want out of the business, so they are just closing it, which is sad for so many reasons.  For one, it's the best bakery in town.  And so many jobs lost, in a fairly small community.  Some customers are trying to help the employees work a deal where they sell the business to the employees, but the owners don't seem too interested in keeping it going.  They just want out of the business.  I bought a box of my favorite cookies - oatmeal made with rice krispies and drizzled with white chocolate - cause this is probably the last time I will be able to get them.  I don't get to that part of town often, and their goods sell out pretty early in the day. Too early for me, unless I'm already in the 'hood for an appointment.  Time to start trolling the internet for the recipe.

By this time it was getting dark, so we drove around looking at the Christmas lights before heading to our favorite little bistro for dinner.  Apparently Thursday is not a busy night about town.  The owners stopped by our table to chat, then dropped off some samples of their upcoming menu items along with a take-home dessert for Walker's birthday.  It was a really, really nice dinner.  And the new menu items?  Delish!  Can't wait for them to be available. 

I have four more days off from the office.  I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep (hope these new pills  work!) and getting all my Christmas shopping done.  I sent the last batch of cards out this morning.  Right now, I think it's time for one of those fabulous cookies ~


  1. Sounds like all went well at the Dr. office. Glad to hear that. I have breakfast dishes to do but just wanted to try to get some comments made. Are you ready for Christmas? I don't do much any more. I did my share for years so leave it to the younger ones.

  2. I have my cards mailed and my gifts purchased but I have a few more presents to wrap. I decided not to bake this year but I will make my mother in law some cashew brittle and english toffee. That only takes a few minutes to cook though, so I should be done with everything before I go back to work on Tuesday ~