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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Like that Movie, Groundhog Day

We're puppy sitting. My sister's smaller, older dog injured her back playing in the snow after I took the photos of the dogs in their Santa suits. The vet says she should be fine, as long as she is kept confined and gets lots of rest. Well, the younger dog does not understand that and keeps bugging her sister. So she has been banished to our house until Baizie gets better. Normally, this dog will not leave my side. Not sure if Walker loaded his pockets with jerky or something, but check out these two piles of lazy bones.   They are going on about 19 hours parked in this chair.

8pm Saturday night ~

Midnight ~
3pm Sunday ~

4:30 Sunday ~
Seriously, I take the puppy out for potty breaks, and every so often she goes to her toy box for a new toy, but for the most part, they have been parked there since we got home a little after 7 last night.  In the meantime, I have taken down the Christmas tree, balanced my checkbook, cleaned the bathroom, finished two loads of laundry, and organized all the paperwork for my taxes. It's a good thing Walker has to work tonight.  If he doesn't get out of that chair soon, his butt will meld with it.


  1. So sweet...sleepy Walker and the pup...two lazy bones. Good weather for it.

  2. That is hilarious - great photos. I wonder what the puppy will do when Walker is at work. Perhaps you'd better take his place in the chair.

  3. They were a full 25 hours in that chair before Walker had to go to work. They slept there, ate there, watched football all day.....the minute Walker got up to get ready for work, Lily went to my bed and tucked herself in. Of course now, when I am ready for bed, she's full of p&v and looking for someone to play with. Sigh.

  4. You have to think he loves dogs. Have a very Happy New Year.