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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Welcome, Snow ~

Proving once again that I have no idea what's good for me, the eye doctor told me my eyes are actually better, not worse.  Since my contacts are now too strong, my vision is blurry.  He gave me a sample of new contacts, which I will try out as soon as I use up the two pair of disposable lenses I still have on hand.

On Friday, Walker and I took advantage of my night off to go out to eat - like normal people - for dinner.  Technically, this is not his birthday weekend, but we celebrated anyway with his mom and his sister and some nice, juicy steaks.  The Outback treated him to a hot fudge sundae, too.

On the way home, we toured the neighborhood looking for lights. Our neighborhood is pretty lit up, with different themes from house to house.  Some of our neighbors have quite a sense of humor.

Gotta admit, I love this little train ~

 We're supposed to get our first big snowstorm tonight.  I've been waiting for Christmas snow, though I'm sure I'm in the minority around town.  I hope it does not pass us by.


  1. As I said to Lucy, I finally surfaced...haaa. I have been too busy, time to slow down.
    Your neighborhood Christmas decor is very pretty.
    I did like you, my eyes got better with each exam (for years)until I actually reached 20/20. I hope you do too. But, I still have a tiny bit of astigmatism which leaves me without completely sharp vision, but I am okay without lens or glsses. I wore contacts years ago. So did my three children, then they had LASIK Laser Eye Surgery which was like a miracle. Sorry this is too long. Take care.

  2. Snow passed us by so far.You are very fortunate that your eyes improved. Mine has failed a little more since I was in Jr. high. Now, I grab the magnifying glass. Our weather has been so unpredictable and I think that is one reason we get sick.