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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just a Few Random Bits

I cut my finger opening a carton of Chobani pineapple yogurt. It's kind of like a paper cut except I got it from the foil seal, not from paper.  I can honestly say that in all my years of yougurt eating, this is the first time I can remember cutting myself.   Why, Chobani?  Why do you cut me when you know I just want to taste your pineapple-y goodness?  Yeah, it's been that kind of day.

Walker picked up my compression sleeve today.  I have to try it on yet, but the person who measured me seemed to know exactly what to do, so I'm not worried.  That was my last pre-vacation errand.  Now all I have to do is wait a couple weeks for the vacation to actually start.

Walker also picked up a cold from somewhere.  Even if I hadn't talked to his stuffy-headed self, I would still have known he was sick the minute I came home from work yesterday.  How?  Well, for starters, the little bubble packs that Day Quil caplets come in are all over the house: in the kitchen, the bedroom, the desk by the front door.....I call it "The Trail of Walker".  I pretty much know how he spends his time by the trail of debris he leaves around the house.  It's kind of like a treasure hunt, only with dishes and food wrappers and discarded mail instead of actual treasure.

We're expecting freezing rain tonight.  There's not much to be said about that.  I just hope it holds off until I get home from work.

Wow, my life is boring.  There's not much to be said about that, either.  I'll try to stir up some mischief so I have something better to tell you about tomorrow.

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