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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let the Games Begin

My wish for a bit of a break must not have reached whomever is in charge of the universe.  This morning, after doing laundry all day yesterday, my floor drain backed up into the basement.  I'm grateful that it wasn't the sewer, but honestly, I still feel like: "Really? This too??" 

I found the mess fairly early and was able to minimize the damage, but I had to call Walker home from errands to help my brother and me in the cleanup.  The kids had a party to attend, so they were occupied all afternoon.  We had mopped up the water and cleared the drain lines before they got back. All in all, a minor inconvenience, though it put me behind in the unpack-and-get-ready-to-return-to-work routine.  Several hours behind, actually.  I doubt I will have myself caught up before I go back to work tomorrow.  I still have to go through all the mail that accumulated in our absence, as well as finish the last load of laundry.  Walker went for groceries, and my brother has done all the cooking and dishes. The kids will go back home after school tomorrow.

The sun came out today.  The air feels downright balmy.  The snow is melting, even now, after dark.  I can hear it running through the gutters when I step out the front door. Though I know there is more winter still to come, I feel like we're in the home stretch.  Spring is right around the corner.

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