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Monday, June 20, 2011

House Hunting

Walker and I went house shopping on Sunday.  Are we moving? Probably not, though we have to consider it.  Right now, I think we'd stay put just because our household is complicated, but later, after Bro moves on and his kids are settled into whatever routine they develop, Walker and I might decide to move.  I love this neighborhood, and the home we've created here.  My mom is a three minute walk away.  But we bought this house anticipating kids, and when it's just the two of us again, this house feels too big for us.  We don't use the dining room, or Bro's room, or the family room.  Ernie has a bathroom all to herself.  Yet we pay to heat and cool these empty rooms, and I still have to clean them.  Taking care of this house takes a lot of my free time.  And there isn't much free time to begin with.

So I did an internet search of available properties, and we went to see a couple of them today.  One of them had bad damage from the tornado, with part of the roof falling in.  Some of them are currently rental properties, and the lack of ownership shows in the form of weedy lawns, peeling paint, and neglected landscaping.  We weren't looking at the top of our price range, but still I expected more.  The only property I actually could see myself living in was a twin home, and there is no way I would buy one of those.  Had I known to begin with that it was a twin home we wouldn't have had it on the list.

When we came home I did some laundry and put another coat of paint on my window wall.  It looks fabulous, by the way.  If it looks as good in the morning sun as it does right now, I can call it done. I wish I had thought to take "before" photos.  It's amazing how different it looks with just the fresh paint.

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  1. House hunting sounds exciting! Yes, I love new paint.