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Sunday, June 5, 2011


 I woke up this morning with the fight Walker and I had still on my mind.  I know I need to let it go but today, instead of feeling hurt, I was good and mad.  Honestly, I don't think that's a bad thing.  Sometimes you have to let yourself get mad, so you can work it all out inside.  I think that holding it all in is what causes Walker to blow up when he does.  Or maybe I just watch too much Dr Phil.

So what did I do with my quiet time?  I'd like to say I sat on the patio with a good book, but no.  I did what I always do on my day off: I cleaned the house.  Got a lot done, too, before the boys came home. Squeak caught his first fish today, and Cubbie caught the biggest one of the day.  They were pretty excited when they got home.

I made the kids some Rice Crispy Treats type bars except I used Fruity Pebbles for the cereal.  We had some of those little colored marshmallows and I wanted to use them up.  I realized that I had never made Rice Crispy Treats before.  How is that possible?  Isn't that one of the first things a kid learns to make?  Apparently not, LOL.  I actually had to look up the recipe. 

It's hot again today, and I would love to go back to the pool.  Unfortunately for me, Walker brought the swimming stuff in from the line and my swimsuit bottoms were not in the pile.  I have no idea where they are.  I checked the yard and no dice.  So, unless I want to swim in my skivvies, I'm out of commission until they turn up or I hit the mall for new ones. I did spend a few minutes outside before the heat kicked in.  I was surprised to see the rose bush was budding out, and the peonies were in full bloom.  I just love the flower scent in my yard right now.

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  1. Your blooms are really pretty. I am not good with flowers. :( wish I was.
    Why is it that a person can get more work done while angry? From the looks of my house, I need to blow up! Lol