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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Just Wanted Some Snapple.....

There's a grocery store pretty close to my office, but I hardly ever go there.  They have the best prices in town, too.  So why don't I go there?  The place is HUGE.  Seriously.  I feel like I need a map, a liter of water, my best walking shoes, and a bedroll. You know, in case I need a nap.  It's that big. 

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration.  But the place is huge and the last thing I feel like doing after working all night is tromping around that store for an hour, cause that's how long it takes me to find about three things.  After that, I usually give up and go home.

Last night, though, I was only scheduled for about a three hour shift.  I don't usually work weekends, but I've been volunteering for project work, as this is my year of fiscal reform.  Project work pays way better than my normal job.  So anyway:  I told the boys I would be stopping at the store after work, since I wanted some Snapple and the ginormous grocery store had it on sale.  Snapple is not a fiscally responsible grocery item, but I pick up a six pack when I can find it for under five bucks.  The boys asked me to add a couple things to my list.

How is it that I can go into a store with six items on my list and come out with four full bags and three cardboard carriers of Snapple?  What makes a frozen burrito so much more appealing under the fluorescent lights of the freezer case than it will ever be in my home?  Walker will eat them, of course, but why did I buy six of those littler buggers when, honestly, I don't much care for frozen burritos?  Oh, yeah, cause they were three for a buck. I bought generic Fruity Pebbles for the kids, even though I usually end up eating them myself and there is no way I can count the "Fruity" part as actual, diet friendly fruit.  I got some of those pretzel sticks that come with a little container of cheese spread, to take to the pool.  The fact that it was fifty some degrees outside at the time did not deter me:  we will make it back to the pool at some point.  And when we do, we will need snacks. 

Of course we will.

I read something once that said the average shopper buys six impulse items every time they shop.  With that in mind, I used to do my shopping just once every three or four weeks.  I reasoned that even if I picked up all six impulse items, at least I was done for a month.  It worked, too.  But with three extra people in the house, shopping once a month just isn't practical.  I think the next time I head to the big ginormous grocery store, I'll take along a guide.  Someone who actually knows their way around in there so I don't have to wander so long.  Or better yet:  next time I'll send the boys.


  1. Good post. My husband does the grocery shopping and he comes home with all kinds of goodies that are not on the list. I hope you enjoy that Snapple.

  2. Hope things are ok with you. Very hot and humid. here. I am enjoying my Umbrella plant. requires very little care outside and that is where it will live if it lives.

  3. Sorry for commenting to this so late, but I just now found your blog!

    I do that too, pass a great huge grocery store on the way home from work because I don't feel like taking a 50-mile hike through the store.

    I will drive a mile beyond my house to the little neighborhood grocery store just so i can run in and out in under 10 minutes.