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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Week in Review

I've missed y'all!  Not sure how things got so far off track, but I think we're all caught up now.  The highlights from my lost week:

Walker and I celebrated Valentine's Day at home, with a lasagna dinner, some candles, and mushy greeting cards.  It was fabulous.  He brought me some flowers and a heart shaped tin filled with Ghiradelli chocolate and caramel squares, perfect for sharing. 

Wandered through Walmart and found one of my favorite movies.  In the five dollar bin, y'all!  Snapped that up and watched it one morning when I couldn't sleep.  This movie always makes me cry, but I love it. 

Babysat these adorable little girls, my puppy nieces.  We used to take care of them all the time but had to cut back when Ernie got sick.  I've missed their fuzzy little faces.   Judging from all the dancing they did when they got here, they missed us, too.

The rest of the week we worked, worked, and worked some more.  We had yet another water leak, which has been repaired and cleaned up.  I did my taxes, and while I'm happy to report that for the first time in many years I had no medical deductions, the downside to that is that I have to pay in.  I was hoping to break even, but no such luck.  So I'll be keeping my second job for a while longer.   At least I have options, right? 


  1. Nice Valentine's Day! Pretty roses.
    Nothing like a good crying movie to clean out the sinus.
    This year we will get some back, but I do begrudge what they got to keep!

  2. GORGEOUS flowers. Sounds like a nice Valentine's Day, just the two of you. Those pups are precious. Take care. PS) I'm busy watching my grandchildren this week so I may miss commenting, but I'll be back.

  3. Awwww, your Valentines Day was just right, beautiful.
    On the other time. Ugh!