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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zumba, Baby!

So long ago I don't remember when, I bought a Zumba kit:  a series of DVDs designed to teach a klutz like me Latin dancing for a great cardio workout.  I was gonna be buff in no time!  Just one problem: buying the kit isn't enough.  You actually have to open it, play it, and follow along.  Who knew?

So finally, after all these months, I opened the box.  I played the DVD.  I followed along.  I was so excited to FINALLY be learning Zumba.  I couldn't even pretend I was keeping up. 

I'm sure one of those DVDs has a tutorial explaining how to do the steps.  Being me, I didn't look for it.  I just jumped in to the first routine I found.  Hmmm.... might not be the best way to approach it.  So I trolled around online and found a Zumba for Wii game.  The reviews said it had instructions for each step, along with single song routines, short classes, moderate classes, long classes, and a section where you could program your own routine.  Ha!  This was exactly what I needed to get started.  I could move up to the DVD later.

When I opened the game I discovered it came with a "belt".  Wii games are video games that use a hand held controller.  For Zumba, you strap the belt on and put the controller in a pocket over your hip.  When you do the moves, the controller sends feedback showing if you're doing them right.  My first single song routine?  I got 54% of the moves right.  Not bad for a first try.  My second song I got 98%.  Who says I can't dance?  After five songs my average score was 84%.  I also learned I had burned 208 calories. 

The game starts out with some basic routines.  As you play, you earn "stars".  The stars add up and eventually, you "unlock" more songs and more routines.  I played long enough and well enough to earn over 20 stars, enough for an extra song.  It was so much fun ~ I can't wait to play again!


  1. I would love that! Great, I can see you are motivated. I need to

  2. Good for you. I line danced for years and it was so much fun. Not up to it anymore with health conditions.

  3. "Buying the kit isn't enough." So that's my problem. My only saving grace is I've finally accepted that I won't follow through so have stopped purchasing. Every now and then I get tempted but a quick self-inflicted slap brings me around.

  4. Gosh I had to laugh at your remark about opening the CD up and using it. hahaha
    I can hear the excitement in your writing and I am happy for you. Go girl!
    From what you have written it sounds like you do know how to dance and this is a great way to loose some pounds.
    I am sitting here now wishing I had a
    Keep up the dancing

  5. You GO girl. KEEP doing the ZUMBA. Glad you opened the package. LOL take care.