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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Spark

The bottom line this week is the loss of one full pound.  I'm good with that.  I did toy with the idea of stepping up the exercise and trying to cut the calories a little more, but decided to just keep doing what I'm doing.  The weight loss is slow, but it's steady, and right now the routines are manageable.  I lost a pound, even though Walker requested lasagna for Valentines Day and we ate it for leftovers twice more last week.  And he gave me chocolate.  And I did not make time to do my Zumba at all.  I did get some walking in, four out of five nights during my dinner break at work.  I kept my calories within the recommended range at Spark People.  I drank water.  When I went to work without remembering to pack a lunch, I dug into the stash of oatmeal and Medifast bars I keep in my desk instead of running to one of the half dozen fast food places in a three block radius of my office.  I did okay this week, and I'm not going to mess with success.

On Saturday I went down into the laundry room, where every pair of Capri pants in my possession was hanging on a clothing rack in order of size.  Real size, determined by a tape measure, regardless of what the tags said.  I tried them on, starting with the biggest.  The first two pair are definitely too big.  The third pair fit, a little loose.  The next three pair are a perfect fit.  The next three went on but were tight, and the last two?  Well, I won't be wearing them any time soon.  Even so, I should be able to cobble together a vacation wardrobe with what I already own, whether I stay the same size or keep shrinking.  I'm looking forward to getting to the small end of the rack, to getting rid of the too-big clothes, and to finally having some spare closet space.  Good goals, all.

This week my focus is on making sure the exercise gets done.  I enjoy it, it helps me, and honestly?  Even when we're crazy busy I'm sure there are thirty minutes a day I can spare, somewhere.  My job is to find that time and utilize it.  Spark People recommends exercising four days a week.  I'm going to do five this week, just to prove I can.


  1. I have to applaud you for 1 pound. You have a good attitude.

  2. APPLAUSE, indeed for the weight loss. And also for weeding out what Capris fit and which ones do not. You are on track. Feel good about yourself and what you've accomplished so far. Keep at it. take care.

  3. Honey I am so very proud and happy for you.
    Your really doing this and I need to get on this track with you because you know what your doing and most of all you are sticking to your plan.
    Feel good and keep at it. Get me started.

  4. Oh great!! You have done so well. I will join in with hand clapping...clap-clap-clap. You are doing very well! Keep it going.
    (About the lemons: I am not surprised at what you told me. :) I just could not see that little tree producing big beautiful juicy I guess I can still hope? haaa).