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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally, A Minute's Peace!

Y'all, I do not even know where to start!  We have not stopped moving since we returned from Florida. Last weekend we had a wedding shower on Saturday and a cookout to attend on Sunday.  This weekend, we helped my mom run a yard sale on Friday and Saturday.  I don't know how much money we made in total, but Walker and I will be adding $400 to our vacation fund.  Oh, yeah, baby!  Florida will not have to miss us for long.  Later today, we'll be enjoying Diva's first choir concert.  And hopefully, we'll be touring a house that's for sale in the next town.

I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea of moving, but it's something we keep coming back to.  When I bought this house seven years ago, we were planning on children.  That is not going to happen.  While this house isn't huge, it feels bigger than what we need.  We have three bedrooms and a full basement and a dining room that gets used two or three times a year.  I clean it all every weekend, and when I do, I think about downsizing.  Every time.

One motivator is my mom.  Right now, she lives in her own home in the same neighborhood that Walker and I live in. We try to help with her yard work and snow removal and such, but she's fiercely independent.  She doesn't let us do much for her, even though she gets exhausted doing it all herself.  Lately, she's been talking about selling her home and moving to an apartment.  Walker and I looked at duplexes a while back, thinking we could have her live on one side while we lived on the other, but we couldn't find anything that was all on one floor.  My mom has trouble with stairs. 

So yesterday, I searched the real estate listings but didn't expect much.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a property that just might meet our criteria.  The best part?  It's in the same price range as our current home, so if my mom isn't ready to give up her home just yet, we can still afford it.  We don't have to rent to strangers.  Now, we haven't been able to see it in person yet, but I'm encouraged all the same.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Girl, this does sound exciting! I can't wait to hear more....hope everything works out for all of you.

    Slow down a bit and rest! But, look who is talking. I have been on the go for what seems like Help me, Lord.