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Monday, May 7, 2012

Not So Typical Sunday

This is what happens when you're a breast cancer survivor:  you go to your niece's very first concert since joining the city girl choir.  You settle into a surprisingly comfy seat in the school auditorium.  Thirty-nine little girls take the stage, and your first thought is, "Statistically, three of those young ladies will battle breast cancer at some point in their lives."  Sigh.  I am such a dork.

Diva's group sang a beautiful song that was written for them by one of the choir directors.  I wish Miss Diva was here, so I could record her singing it.  I do remember these lines, but I can't swear that I got them just right:

Let me go, let me soar
Don't hold me back 
Unlock the door
I have dreams, you'll never know
Until you let me go

Of course, there's a lot more to it.  I wish I had used the video on my camera at the time.  I never use the video feature, at least not on purpose, so I forget it's there.

After the concert there was a reception in the school gym.  Our group was large enough to fill a table on our own.  We were sitting there munching cookies when I looked over and saw my mom on the floor.  I swear, my heart about stopped.  I jumped up and ran over but several dads beat me to her and helped her up.  She said she knocked her chin but otherwise was unhurt.  I wasn't sure if I should believe her until she commented on how handsome her dads-in-shining-armor were.  Um hmmmmm.  She's fiiiiiiiiine. She says she doesn't know why she fell. But I told Walker, that's it, we need to get cracking on finding a duplex.  If we can't find what we need, we'll have to build it. That'll take months.  As soon as the reception ended, we headed out to look at the duplex I found online over the weekend.

That's an hour we won't get back.  The rest of the houses on the block sat at the top of a fairly good sized hill.  This house?  The builder carved the site out of the hill, then built a retaining wall out of wood.  A two story retaining wall that is now bowing out.  Standing out front, looking at that wall, all I saw was dollar signs.  Not only that, but the sidewalks are made of wooden planks.  Very slippery wooden planks.  The search continues.


  1. Do try to find a place on a hill, or at least not in a low place. You are thinking right not to buy something that has to be retained, I believe. Good luck in your home shopping. Keep us updated.

  2. The precious little girl is beautiful.

  3. I think that is natural for you to think about the girls and I'm sure you wish it was so none of them would get breast cancer. I hope your Mom is okay.

    1. I think my mom is okay. She came over to our house later and seemed to be fine. Scared me, though, I don't mind telling you ~

  4. Your right we do have those thoughts after having breast cancer. It comes to my mind to often but I guess that is one of the things left with us.
    So sorry about your Mom's fall. That would of been really scary. Hope you find what your looking for.
    It is hard but hang in there

  5. You are NOT a dork. Experience has taught you to be mindful. The face of an angel singing. Beautiful lyrics. Hope your mom is okay. My husband falls all the time. Trips over himself. Never thought it was a ploy to get the attention of adoring females. But???? Take care. Things here are crazy. will try to comment when I can, late or not.

  6. You had a real life thought when you looked at the group of girls. Your Diva is so pretty. I hope your mom is ok. I over did a bit and was very sore but the therapist said he was glad I felt so good but to soon to get that active. All I did was plant some flowers and make some meals for a change, washed dishes.