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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Worried ~

Peeps, my mom fell again.  This time she hurt herself.  It doesn't sound too serious, she says she's just sore, but since she didn't get checked out I don't know for sure.  I don't know what to do.  We're looking at a pair of condos, but logistically, it will take an act of God to get them both.  They're built like a duplex, just the two of them on a nice lot.  Both are for sale but by individual owners.  I do not have the resources to buy another property without selling our current home.  So we would have to make an offer with the contingency that we sell our home, and that my mother is able to purchase the other unit.  Since the two units are owned by different people, unless they are all sympathetic to our situation, there's no benefit to them to wait until we get our duckies in a row and get our home sold.  My mom has a home to sell, too.  I can't focus on anything else.  My mind is all wrapped up in what to do, and I have no answers.


  1. You have came to that fork in the road where she needs supervision but how to get it. I was falling a lot for no apparent reason a couple of years ago. I had a therapist that worked wonders for me, but first she should be seen by a doctor. Now I have been told last week by my family doctor that an inner ear thing happens quite often in the elderly and nothing can be done for it. I fell since I had knee surgery so I got sent to my doctor quickly. His advice was after standing up stay there for a minute and concentrate on balance then always move very carefully and slowly. He said it is not an infection in the ears so no antibiotics. There is one medication called antivert but he thinks I can concentrate and remain on my feet. Time will tell. I am so sorry to hear that. One doctor advised a walker all the time but the other said no. My barrel fell apart so we dug the balloon plant up and put it in a large pot. Picture on the header.

  2. My mom (RIP) had fallen quite a bit the last 2 years or so of her life and she never broke anything. She was faithful about taking her vitamins, especially calcium, and would drink a good amt of milk everyday. If your mom broke a bone, she would know it. Maybe not the first day but within 48-72 hrs she would be in so much pain she would call you.

    Have you thought of starting the process of selling the homes but in the meantime, have your mom come live with you? When it became obvious that my mom could no longer live alone, we added-on to our home & the sale of mom's house paid for the addition. We also looked for a house more suitable (before we decided to add-on) and couldn't find anything that would work. That's why we added-on.

    Things will work out... keep praying & be open to all options.

    1. My mom lived with us for a while but then bought her own home. She likes her privacy and wasn't comfortable with us. I did look at possibly remodeling my current home to give her her own suite, but we have a corner lot with very little yard so we have to work within the current structure. We're still looking at options.

      I'm sorry for your loss ~

  3. Hey Friend, I am so behind in my reading. Been so busy, you would not believe it! I am catching up, finally.
    So sorry to hear about your Mom falling, but glad she is not hurt badly.

    Selling/buying/ is all so mind bogling...mistakes of this nature is too expensive. Hope you make the perfect decision.

  4. Don't RUSH into anything. In the end you'll pay a higher price. My husband falls alot due to vertigo. And my mom and father have too. I know you are worried about your mother getting hurt. if she doesn't want to see anybody about it, not much you can do, unless you get a court order to take over her daily decisions. Not sure you're at that place yet??? Hang in there.