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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So we went to look at a duplex yesterday, and as I mentioned, briefly, the house is having water issues and there is significant mold in the basement of the rental unit.  The owner is having it looked at, but honestly?  I don't even want to go there.  Mold is one of those things that you think is taken care of, then BAM!  It comes back without warning.  Plus, the renters have been living in these conditions for months.  I don't want to be the owner of record if any of the kids come back with medical problems. 

None of this matters, however, because my mom hated the house, and she didn't even see the mold in the basement.  She was making snarky comments before we even got inside.  The realtor didn't know what to make of us.  I'm sure we didn't make her day.  I'm also pretty sure something more is going on, like maybe my mom isn't ready to move, or maybe she doesn't want to live in a property that she doesn't own herself.  Maybe she thinks she'll give up too much.  I think falling scared her, but I don't think she really wants to move.

So, for now at least, I'm stepping back.  Walker and I need to do some improvement project at our house, and I think we need to get started.  If we do move, later on, the projects will hopefully increase the home's value.  If we don't move, we'll enjoy our home that much more.  It's all good.


  1. I believe you are doing some good logical thinking. My motto is, if you aren't sure, don't do anything.

    I have been thinking on having some wall paper removed, some painting done, etc. I have been looking at the color of the year....Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore for my dining room. I am not

    1. Oooh! I'ma go check that color out! I love looking at paint swatches and such. I keep thinking I'm going to redo our bedroom if the budget allows, but we need to do the living room first. We need blackout curtains in the bedroom, though, so if I get some then we'll need a matching duvet......

  2. Sounds like a plan. Not rushing into something makes sense. things will fall into place when they're supposed to. Good luck fixing up the one you have.