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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Did That Happen?

I've been so wrapped up in this situation with my mom, and the subsequent house hunting, that I haven't really been doing much else. So today, Walker boarded a bus for a trip to a baseball game, found myself rattling around the house with no particular purpose. When I opened the window in my bedroom, I realized I've been missing a lot.  Look what happened while I was living in my head: 


Of course I headed right outside.  It's a gorgeous day.  I thought about taking a bike ride, but my bike is buried behind tables full of rummage sale stuff.  I've been meaning to pack that up......

Instead, I grabbed my camera so I could share this supreme gorgeousness with y'all.  Enjoy!

Oh - and looked who popped up to visit with me!

Hope you all have a wonderful day ~


  1. You have got some really cool things going on in your yard! Gorgeous...the flowers and the baby rabbit too.

  2. BEAUTIFUL flowers. Those ROSES are to die for. The color is gorgeous. And that little somebunny is precious. ENJOY the beauty that is yours.