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Thursday, April 28, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours....

A couple weeks ago we had a hail storm.  A major hail storm, the likes of which I personally have never seen before.  The hail that fell at our house was about the size of golf balls, and there was a LOT of it.  The noise it made was terrible.  Down the road at my sister's place, it was worse.  She had hail the size of baseballs.  It tore up her roof and shattered her siding. She has a baggie full of hail stones in her freezer, waiting for her insurance adjuster.

So why am I bringing this up now?  Well, now is when we found out we have hail damage, too.  Not right now, of course, as it's the middle of the night.  But yesterday, Walker stopped at my moms and found out she was having her roof inspected for hail damage.  He asked the inspector to come by our place, too.  We don't have bad damage but there is enough to warrant repairs. Sigh. So here are some photos from the storm that wrecked our roof:

I never looked this closely at a hail stone before.  I was surprised by all the layers.

The hail piled up against the house, against the steps, and against the fence.  We actually had to shovel it onto the lawn. Piles of hail are just as slippery as ice patches in the winter.

Our side yard flooded.  So did the streets.

At worst, I could barely see across the street.  My flag was so torn up after this storm we had to replace it.

Now, driving through our neighborhood, half the houses have contractor signs in their yards.  I think we'll be hearing construction noise for the next several weeks.

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  1. Wow, you did get some hail!! We do worry about that because our car has to sit out. It is old but it is all we have. Our house is ancient and we put our 2nd roof on summer before last. So don't want damage there either. In fact lets just say we had pea size hail and didn't know it until we heard the weather man !! It was during the night.