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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Bits

I burned my lip last weekend.  It was totally my fault.  I knew my lunch was too hot to eat but I was so hungry, I didnt wait.  The blister wasnt fun but then it split.  Now, if I smile too big or move my mouth the wrong way, it bleeds.  A lot.  Lovely.  I had to wear a sweater at the office even though it was 79* in there, to cover the blood spatter on my shirt.
I was able to clear two sections of my garden one afternoon before work.  The garden was very neglected after my breast cancer diagnosis late last summer.  So neglected, in fact, that I didnt even cut down the dead annuals before winter.  It looks so nice now where Ive groomed it.  I have three more sections to go.  And  ~ yay! ~ I have daffodils and some lovely little blue flowers blooming, with tulips and hyacinth right behind them.

I also made some progress on the basement cleanup this week.  By the end of the weekend, I should have the patio furniture cleared off.  I had loaded it withstuff when the storage room flooded, then it got pushed back when we had to have the new water heater installed.  Ive unburied it from the back wall of the basement and have just a few more boxes to sort before the table is all cleared. The chairs are already free.  Walker and Bro can move it all out to the patio now that the weather finally warmed up.  Well have lots of space in the basement when the furniture is back outside.

In my never ending quest for fitness, Ive started a walking program.  I got some funky toning shoes ~ Im surprised at how much different my muscles feel after walking in them, even for a short trek.  Im also embarrassed to admit just how out of shape Ive gotten.  But ~ if the first step to correcting a problem is admitting it, well, here it is.  I walked a one-mile loop yesterday and Im sore from it.  There you go.  So much for the girl who used to walk six miles a day, every day, without any problem. Ah well.  Ill get back there.

We have Diva and the nephews this weekend.  I'm hoping the rain holds off as it is FINALLY warm enough to play outside.  Not just the kids ~ I want to play, too.  I'm thinking a bike ride down the trail is in order.  I can't wait!

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