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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memory Lane.....

I was cleaning up some in the basement today, and I came across a box of my dad's photos. Most of them were photos that I took and mailed to him, so he could "watch" his grandkids grow up. But some of them were of my sibs and I, when we were little. Take a gander at these:

My parents' wedding photo. 

This photo cracks me up every time I see it.  Doesn't this always happen? Yes, making little kids get all dressed up is very cute.  But for the kids?  Not so much fun.  I love the expression on my oldest sister's face, as she drags my other sister down the aisle at my aunt's wedding ~

Christmas, 1968.....I was the drooly baby in the front.  My world was about to get turned upside down:  my mom would have been almost eight months pregnant with my baby brother.
And Baby makes five......

On vacation at Grandma's, 1976....Love my big brother's plaid shorts.  I remember my Grandma snagging us right after church to take this photo.  She made a comment about how she had to hurry with the photo before we got all messed up like usual.  She wasn't a warm and fuzzy grandma.  But, we had a great time visiting in Florida.  This was the trip that started my life long love of the ocean and all her treasures. 


  1. Great entry I enjoy looking at pictures and what a nice looking family you have. Take care, jean.

  2. I love seeing pictures of times gone by. You have some priceless ones. Magic number, 5. I had 5. My oldest died at age 42 in 1992. My youngest is the one that has an imaginary grudge against me and won't speak or write to me. He lives in TX. I don't expect to ever see him again while I am alive and in that case he need not see me when I am dead.