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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girls' Weekend

Diva and I have been busy!  Yesterday we went out to lunch, then we made cookies that we dropped off at my office.  They were well received by some hard working people.  After that we went to a nearby car lot to get a better look at a car I saw the other night, but it was already sold. So we moved on to the mall, where Diva picked up some Justin Beiber nail polish and a sequined hat.  When we were all shopped out we stopped home long enough to change into swim suits before picking up Grandma and heading to the swimming pool  We don't often go swimming in the evening, but last night they were passing out free root beer floats so we didn't want to miss that.  Diva entered a belly flop contest and did pretty well, too, especially considering that she is a string bean.  She was one of only four kids who was able to get the lifeguard wet.  Unfortunately, only the top three got prizes. She'll get 'em next time.

I treated myself to a little pressie, too, a small makeup set from Sephora.  I know the brand, Tarte, makes some good stuff so even though there was nothing I actually needed, I decided to bring it home.   Unfortunately for me, it will be going back pretty darn quick.  Despite the fact that the box looked perfect, when I opened it I found one of the powder compacts was completely shattered.  It must have been damaged before the box was packed, since the other pieces were fine.  I kinda wish there had been some tell tale sign of the damage, cause if there had been, maybe my carpet would not look like this:

Right now, I can't even clean up the mess cause everyone is sleeping.  I have to wait until morning to get the vacuum out.

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  1. Sounds like a good day up till the powder hit the carpet. Sounds like you had fun anyway.