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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mini Break!

I have the rest of this week off from work. At least, from my office job. The work-at-home job is pretty much up to me. I might sneak some work in, but only if I get my playing done first. Diva and I will be spending the next couple days together. She hasn't been with us as much as usual, since her room in our house is now occupied by - YIKES! - boys. She gets along pretty well with her boy cousins, but we had to put an end to the sleepovers in Walker's man-cave in the basement after Diva woke up sniffling and coughing not once, but twice after sleeping down there. We are both looking forward to the next couple days.

Our first plan was to road trip to the nearest zoo for an afternoon, but Walker's time off has been cancelled due to an emergency with one of his co-workers, and his van is in the shop. My car is okay for roadtripping, but the van is better now that the kids are getting bigger. My little convertible has a pretty narrow back seat. Throw in a cooler and a camera bag and the kid starts getting crowded. So I think the zoo will have to wait. I'm working on some alternatives, but the final decision will be up to Miss Diva. Stay tuned!

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