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Friday, August 12, 2011

Twenty Five Years

Me & my daddy, 1986
My Facebook page has gone nuts.  Apparently my 25th high school reunion is this weekend and someone added my name to the "Class of '86" Facebook page.  Which is fine, but all of the sudden I'm getting friend requests from people I haven't talked to in 25 years. The names I know, I accept.  The ones I don't I'll leave for another day, when I have time to investigate just who these folks are.

I don't spend much time on Facebook.  I started a page because my nephews asked me to, so they could send me cool requests.  To be honest, I don't get the appeal.  I don't understand why some people post every move on their status.  Do we really need to know who is at the grocery store and who is in the shower at any given moment?  But I do like the idea of reconnecting with some old friends.  It's so easy to lose touch.

I don't attend my reunions.  I finished school early and just came back for the actual graduation ceremony so my mom could watch me walk across the stage to collect my diploma.  My decision to finish school early had nothing to do with my classmates; I had some wonderful friends in high school.  But I was anxious to get out on my own, to work full time, to move out of my mother's house.  So I did.

I had a very 80's senior picture:  me with pouffy blonde hair, the collar of my shirt "popped".  The background of the photo had bright pink stripes.  So rad, LOL.  I was planning to post one when I realized those photos were among the group lost in the Great Basement Flood of 2011.  Sigh. I still have not sorted all that stuff out.  I put the dozen or so boxes I still need to sort "up" on top of empty boxes, so if another flood happens I have some extra time.  Yet another project I still need to get to.....


  1. I had a perfectly good comment almost made and it disappeared. I am going to have to try to clean this out. I am not good at doing that so will probably be lost in outer space. You are a very pretty young lady with a handsome dad. I go in facebook just so I can see my Texas family off and on. One liners just don't excite me aND THAT is about all their is.

  2. Very pretty young graduate and good looking dad too. I bet it doesn't seem like 25 years ago. :)

    I have a circle of friends that are on facebook, posting all sorts of crazy things, some you wouldn't believe..ha.

  3. Nice picture of you and your Dad. I agree with your opinion of Facebook. Some people go there every morning to post what they are going to do. Ha I've got more important things to do.