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Friday, January 20, 2012

At Long Last.....

I brought my camera along to Squeak’s birthday party last weekend so I could get some photos of the boys’ bedrooms.  Well, I actually brought the camera to capture all the fun of Squeak’s big day, but while I was there….you get the point.  

First up is Cubby’s Minnesota Vikings room.  Note the curtains, sewn with love by my mom.  She also made a pillow sham from the same fabric, but it's tucked under the comforter so you can't see it in the photos.  I had lots of fun hunting down the decorative plaques, but it was a bit harder to find posters of his favorite players at reasonable prices.  NFL stuff is so expensive!  Cubbys worth it, and I think he really liked the finished product.

Squeak’s room is the coolest kid room I have ever hung out in, and I have hung out in plenty as I was an inveterate babysitter during my high school years.   His wallpaper border has jungle animals in the squares. Note his curtains, too; they have a vibrant tiger print.  Gramma loved this fabric and was not put off by the fact that it was fleece.  So this kid has what are probably the only fleece curtains in the tri-state area.   My mom swears they will keep his room warmer.    My mom also added the tiger print fabric to Squeaks comforter, and made the matching pillow:


I also got the boys cool light switch plates, but of course I forgot to get photos.  Cubbys is stained glass, Vikings theme, of course.  Squeaks is plastic but it has three animal prints: leopard, zebra, and giraffe. 

Bro shares custody of his boys with their mom, so a couple days a week he was coming home to an empty house.  Well, not any more.  I found this little girl hiding in a closet in the extra bedroom.  Her name is Tristan.  She came out of the closet when I found her, but after I petted her for awhile the kids found us, and Tristan relocated under the family room sofa:

Tristan has a brother, and Bro didnt want to split them up, so he brought them both home.  Unfortunately, Bruno is very shy and didnt want to meet his new favorite auntie (that would be me) but I did find him hiding in his favorite spot behind the toilet paper in Bros bathroom closet.  He didnt seem to mind getting his picture taken, as long as I didnt move the TP.  

So that was last weekend.  This week, Walker finally finished his work at his mom's old house - wahoo! - and he's taking a week off before he starts helping at the new house.  The new house is new construction, so it needs things like curtain rods hung and shower doors installed.   Nothing urgent, though, and Walker needs to catch up on some sleep.  I got our airline tickets purchased for our upcoming vacation - wahoo! - but to get them using frequent flier miles we had to change our trip dates, which involved changing the timeshare, changing our vacation dates at work, and changing dinner reservations.  Took longer than it should have because we're still having internet issues.  I hope to tackle those this weekend.  Slowly but surely, we're getting it all done ~


  1. I like all the pictures but the best is behind the toilet paper. Your mom did a great job.

  2. GREAT pics. The kids rooms look FANTASTIC. You all did a FABULOUS job. Tristan and Bruno are too sweet. I just bought a 30 roll pack of toilet paper yesterday so I had to chuckle about Bruno hiding out behind a stack of it there. Happy BELATED birthday Squeak. Glad Walker is taking a break. Your vacation sounds AWESOME. You must be getting excited. It'll be here before you know it. take care.

  3. The boys' rooms looks great - are they of a mind to keep the all neat and tidy like that? If so, their dad is blessed!

    LOVE the picture of the kitty behind the t.p. Too cute.

    I missed somewhere along the line where you are going on vacation. Wherever it is, I think I'm envious - I need one!

  4. Kid's rooms can be so fun to do, especially if there's something they particularly love - these rooms are great! Bet they are happy to come home to them. :)

    Love the "find the kitty" pictures!

  5. Just want to thank you for you wishes on my blog. The hardest part is the wait till the 31st. I just want whatever they do over with.

  6. Thanks for visiting my Blog. We're enjoying your writings too. DAD (Dad's Tomato Garden)