LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Either Ernie has been reading Taryterre's comments, or she's messin' with me.  After two days of sleeping and not eating, she hopped off the sofa, waltzed up to my desk, and demanded some of my turkey sandwich.  Of course I gave her a bit of breast meat, still warm from the oven.  She snarfed it down and I gave her a bit more. In the end she ate at least an ounce of turkey breast and some of the broth I scooped from the pan.  I always roast turkey in an inch of water so there's lots more of that, plus as much of the meat as she wants.  I can always make more.  I'm glad she seems to be feeling better, cause I have to go back to work tomorrow and I was stressing leaving her alone for that long.

Since I haven't really left the house since I got home from work on Saturday morning, I've been working on some projects that are long overdue, like laundering curtains and cleaning light fixtures.  I also signed up for Spark People, so I can get a jump on my weight loss and fitness goals.  I tried Spark People a long time ago and didn't get much out of it.  Can't remember much about the experience except I know I was frustrated trying to find info on the website.  Haven't had that at all this time around.  I love that I can put in my goals for the week and it comes up with a meal plan, which I can tweak for our personal tastes.  Then I change it to two servings, cause Walker needs to eat, too, and it gives me a grocery list.  How awesome is that?  I still have many areas of the site to explore, but right now I'm very encouraged.  Spark People is free, so if losing weight or getting fit is one of your goals, give them a look and see if they have tools to help you, too.


  1. This is encouraging. Glad to hear Ernie has gotten her second wind and is feeling more like her old self. WAY TO GO GIRL. Fingers are crossed you stay that way. I like The Spark People site. I went there for daily quotations. Was reading what you said about plugging your info in there for diet. Having it generate a GROCERY LIST is pretty cool. VERY nice, indeed. GOOD LUCK with reaching your goals this year.

  2. Ernie sez
    it tastes better
    from mama's sammie
    I can tweak