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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Spark and Then Some

Another Sunday, another Spark People update.  I lost 1.4 pounds this week. That's a total of eight pounds since I started this program at the beginning of January.  Not bad.  Everyone keeps telling me that ten pounds is a size, but not on me.  My pants are a little looser, but nowhere near too loose and I can't even get pants the next smaller size buttoned, no matter how much stretch they have or how much I suck in.  It will be awhile before I drop an actual size.

I got out my very cute "goal pants", denim Capris embroidered with daisies down one leg.  I hope to wear them in Florida in a couple months.  They are one size smaller but when I tried them on they aren't even close to fitting, so I measured them.  The waist is FIVE INCHES smaller than the jeans I'm wearing now.  Sigh.  Why is there such a lack of consistency in sizing?  I've pretty much given up ordering pants online or from a catalog.  Tops aren't so bad, shoes are okay, but pants?  Forget it.  I have spent a small fortune in mailing fees returning things that didn't fit.

I've been doing my walking, one way or the other.  I usually end up going to a grocery store or Walmart after work to finish up my step goal.  We're having great weather here, much warmer than usual, which is great except that we're getting snow melt during the day that refreezes at night, causing icy streets and sidewalks.  I don't let it stop me but it does slow me down.  When I come up short on steps, I find a 24 hour store and walk the aisles.  I thought about walking the mall but I like to go after work, which means middle of the night for me.  I wonder if I could walk the hospital corridors?  Probably not.  That would be awesome, though.  They have some long, long hallways, plus many, many stairs.  I could get a fabulous workout.  Too bad I don't have any connections at the hospital anymore.  The only way to get inside after hours is through the emergency room, and I doubt they would just let me wander.

Speaking of the hospital, I got a letter from the cancer center on Saturday.  I figured it was an appointment card, so I opened it immediately.  Unfortunately, it was not an appointment card.  It was a letter from my oncologist. He's leaving the cancer center as a doctor, becoming a patient.  He has inoperable pancreatic cancer.  I am just so, so sad about this.  The prognosis for pancreatic cancer is very grim. 

This week is shaping up to be as jam-packed as the last couple have been. I have a couple appointments in the afternoons before work, a family birthday, and mandatory overtime at the office.  Walker is still helping his mom.  Some time this week I have to take my car in for service, too.  When I put it in park, it doesn't always engage far enough and I can't remove the key.  Never had that happen before, so I want to get it checked out.  Not sure if it's just annoying or something potentially dangerous.  What I know for sure is, there's always something to contend with.  I don't know what I'd do with myself if I had a whole day free.


  1. Slowly but surely. Keep the pace. Keep walking. You're doing great. When I had teenage daughters at home I had to constantly explain there was a lack of consistency in sizing. They never understood why they could wear a 7/8 from one store and had to wear a 9/10 or 11/12 from others. DROVE them CRAZY. It is so sad about your oncologist. It must touch you deeply. The irony of him getting cancer is so tragic. He'll be in my prayers. I HATE car trouble. I literally spent one whole year of my life dealing with car issues until I finally had enough and got rid of the thing. I hope your car problems are easily solved without costing you a bundle. Hang in there. take care.

  2. I tried Sparks once. Great recipes. I'm back trying to do WW at home, but am not being consistent. I hate that about myself.

    As for sizing - ridiculous! You're right about catalogs and pants. And yet I hate shopping so much that I keep trying.

    So sad about your doctor - what irony.

    What town in Minnesota do you live in?

    As for a day to yourself - I think I'm going to have one on occasion, but something always messes it up. So I can relate.

  3. You are doing so well with your diet. Wish I was. I nned to start my walking again. Keep up the good work.
    So sorry about your doctor.

  4. I think you've had a very successful month with the weight loss! Dumb pants - I agree, they are so hard to buy...nothing is ever the same from store to store, or even brand to brand!