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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Spark

So this week I lost eight tenths of a pound.  My scale weighs in tenth of a pound increments, which I usually like but in this case, I would have done better if I had a scale that rounded up, LOL.  I don't care that it's under a full pound; at least I'm moving in the right direction.

I got in two of my four scheduled workouts on the elliptical machine.  I think I should have started out a little slower with that, as I got pretty sore after my second workout.  I probably could have done ten or twelve minutes at a crack, instead of fifteen, and maybe gone for three workouts the first couple weeks instead of four.  I'm still planning to do number three tonight, so if I actually do it I'll only have missed one.  I didn't do it earlier, as I would have preferred, because the machine is in our bedroom and Walker was asleep.  I added some light toning exercises with small hand weights this week, too, fifteen minutes at a time.  Bye - bye, flabby arms, LOL! Maybe I can even wear sleeveless on my vacation.  Maybe.

I'm still coming in too low on my daily protein intake.  Spark People offers menu selections but you don't have to use them.  I want to use them, but we had a full pantry along with a full freezer so I thought we should use up as much of that food as possible, restocking with healthy options.  And that's what we've been doing, but it's slow going with just the two of us here.  I should have started the inventory reduction before Bro moved out. 

We got some snow this week, which I shoveled instead of having Walker hit it with the snow blower.  Walker doesn't like me to shovel, but I got it when he wasn't home. That wasn't too hard to do, since instead of coming home after work on Friday Walker went to the tavern with his work buddies.  He didn't come home for fifteen hours.  So I had plenty of time to shovel, and the work helped me burn off some of my anger at him.  Who stays at a bar for 15 hours?  Sigh. To prevent me from shoveling, Walker stashes the shovel in the rafters in the garage where I can't reach it.  I got some additional exercise using the ice chopper to maneuver the shovel down.  In hindsight, I probably should have used something lighter, like a broom, as the shovel knocked into it when it finally fell and I narrowly missed catching it with my face.  A black eye would have created way more drama that I need right now.

So the goals for the upcoming week:  keep working on adding protein to my diet, try to make my exercise goal of four fifteen minute elliptical workouts for the week, and write a honey-do list for Walker that is long enough to keep him out of the dang tavern.


  1. Easy does it. You will reach your goal. It takes time. You're doing GREAT. Don't get discouraged. Your metabolism will slow down. Just keep it jump started. Restocking the pantry piece meal is fine. No sense wasting what you have. Shoveling snow is hard work. I have to do ours alot of the time because my husband gets too winded and that's bad for his COPD. I must admit that fifteen hours at a tavern is a marathon. Was he sober when he got home? That would be too much drama for me. Hang in there. take care.

  2. I am proud of you. You are doing great!

    You are doing better than I. I have been eating too much past weeks, celebrating this and that. I am on the high side of my 5 pounds (that I allow myself, up and down). I have to get back to my senses and lose those few pounds or I may go over my

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