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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 3 - Old Town

We took a break from the theme parks to hit Old Town.  This was a first visit for all of us, which is surprising considering how many times we've all been to Orlando, and considering there is no charge for parking or for admissions to the area.  Old Town is a collection of shops, bars, and restaurants, with a few rides tossed in.  Next door is a small amusement park and go cart track.  You're on your own for parking, as it's scattered about on the perimeter of the shopping area, but we dropped my mom off near an entrance and found a spot not too far away.

I enjoyed the afternoon, but I don't think Old Town will be on the list for our next visit.  For one thing, it appeared to be acceptable to drink alcohol on the street.  I was a bit surprised to see people carrying cocktails in plastic cups from shop to shop.  It was late morning when we got there, and a few folks seemed to be already drunk.  I'm not against drinking, but I do think there's a time and a place, and to me, shopping at 11am on a Saturday is neither.  Especially when you've had too many.

Aside from the revelers, we found some fun shops with prices better than the parks or Downtown Disney. Then we found something fun for Walker to do:  he rode the Human Slingshot!

He can't ride alone, so one of the staff members rode with him. He was strapped into this seat thing.....

tipped back until they were looking straight up......

and released to the sky.  Walker screamed like a girl ~

We had burgers at Checkers after that, and wandered around a bit more before heading out.  I kind of like this stockade thing.  Might come in handy as the nieces and nephews become teenagers.  Too bad it wasn't for sale.

On the way home, we stopped at Walmart, which would have been fine except I fell in the parking lot and tore up my shin. It wouldn't stop bleeding, so I sat in the way-back of the van with my foot up and a napkin pressed against the hole in my leg while Walker and my mom shopped inside.  I now have a really nice purple scar as a souvenir.

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  1. Wheew, I don't blame you one bit for letting someone else ride that scary ride with Hope he got out of that stockade thingy...haa.
    Oh, too bad about your fall. Could have been worse. Take care, DD