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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Time

These two handsome young laddies graduated from high school over the weekend. The ceremonies were 400 miles apart, so Walker and I decided we would attend whichever one we got invited to first.  We didn't share our plan with anyone, to make it fair.  The first invitation came from the little guy on the right, who is no longer a "little guy".  Saturday morning, as soon as I woke up, we hit the road.  Destination?  Moorhead, Minnesota, all the way across the state in the Red River Valley.

We stopped at rest areas with names like Big Spunk and Enterprise.  From where we were sitting, they looked pretty much the same.  Outside Minneapolis, we picked up Subway sandwiches.  I opted out of lettuce and tomato, since they tend to squirt out the butt end of the sandwich when I bite it.  Didn't matter, as two plops of mayo and a sliver of cheese landed on my shirt about three seconds after we started eating. Sigh.  I can't take me anywhere.

First rest stop.....

and the second rest stop.

The graduation ceremony was on Sunday, with a party to follow.  The day started rainy but by the time the festivities started, the sun was out.  I made pasta salad in the lobby of our motel, since our room didn't have the microwave were were promised.  Me and my pasta attracted quite a bit of attention, as apparently microwave pasta cookers are not all that common. Who knew?  I also contributed cookies decorated with the school colors and a collage of photos from my nephew's growing up years.

The party was held in my sister's back yard.  It was pretty well attended, both by family and friends.  My nephew is a great kid, smart and funny.  It was nice to be able to meet some of his friends.  There were a few uninvited guests, too:  tidying up the yard that morning, Bro uncovered a nest of bees.  We didn't have time to deal with them before the party, so we directed traffic away from that part of the yard and hoped for the best.  The bees kept to themselves, thank goodness.

Busy little suckers ~

We stayed in Moorhead on Monday, too, so Walker could take my nephew golfing and my sister and I could have time to visit. We also crossed the river into Fargo, North Dakota, just to look around a bit.  My nephew will be going to college there next year, so of course we visited the campus.  While we were tooling around, we saw several signs like this:

Really, Fargo?
We got another nice day for the drive home, and it's back to work tonight. Funny how you look forward to something for so long, then it's over in a flash.  But we had some big changes while we were gone, and I'll share them with you soon.  Til then ~

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  1. Nice pictures of the beautiful skies of Minnesota.

    I can see you with the big plops of food on your I have been there...haaa.