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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Steamy Random Bits

Oh, that title might not be the best choice, LOL.  It's hot here, like pretty much everywhere else in the country, and I just finished mowing the lawn.  I did the shady bits first, took a rest, did half of what was left, took a rest, then finished the job.  Even with the breaks, and lots of water, and wearing few enough clothes to make my neighbors shut their blinds in horror, I'm absolutely whipped.  Unfortunately, I've only just begun my chore list.  Diva, who wanted to help me, was sent instead to the neighbor's pool.  I'm all for kids learning responsibility, but Diva is only ten and it's pukey hot outside and it's summer break.  I told her to go have some fun.  Walker has also been working too hard lately, so I sent him to the water parks of Wisconsin Dells with Bro and my nephews.

Sitting at my desk at work last night, I watched a family out for an evening stroll:  mom, dad, two kids, and the family bird.  Yep, a large white bird, walking along, keeping pace.  I've seen them before.  Sometimes the man runs and the bird follows in the air, just a bit higher than the man's head and just a bit behind him.  Weird, in a fun kind of way.  Wish they'd walk by one night when I have my camera.

In honor of the hot, hot weather, Walker and I had chocolate dip cones from Mc Donald's for lunch yesterday.  Mmmmmm.  My other guilty pleasure this summer?  Dallas, Peeps!  I am so loving this new season.  JR, you evil old creep, you are just as much fun as the old days.  And of course I have a crush on Bobby.  Again, LOL.  C'mon, Pamela, you know you want to come back.  Pretty please?  Supposedly Victoria Principal was too busy with other projects to do the show, but I'm betting she just wanted to make sure it was a hit before she came on board.  I spend way too much time thinking about this, LOL.

Speaking of Dallas, I have this week's episode queued up to watch as soon as I get my work done.  Best get on it ~


  1. Hey girlfriend I watched Dallas for the first time Wednesday night and loved it. Yep JR has not changed his evil ways.
    My sons best friend is a set decorator and she worked on the first three shows of Dallas and then quit for a movie project. I think I would of stuck to Dallas. haha
    Honey I would love to see the family with the bird walking with them. lol
    How oh how have you lost 17 lbs I went on the veggie and fruit diet and can't loose.
    Take care

  2. Dallas what a blast from the past. The family with the bird sounds interesting, for sure. take care. stay cool.

  3. I moved to Dallas the summer before the premier of the original Dallas. I was worried the new one wouldn't be as good, but so far, so good. I think the Texas heat followed me north. I's way too hot!