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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Bits

Leave it to me to wonk up my knee again, just after we take in an active little dog.  I have an appointment to see the oncologist on Friday, and I'm hoping I can get them to write me a referral for whatever kind of doctor can fix my knee.  If not, I have to wait for an appointment in Family Medicine on the 21st.

My shadow ~

The heat broke this morning, driving temps from 90's down to the 60's.  I'm loving the break.  Cross your fingers that the cooler temps stick around a while - we have a wedding to go to on Saturday.  Formal wear in 90 degree heat is so miserable.

Walker likes the break in the heat, too, because he gets a break from manning the barbeque grill when I make his favorite chicken enchiladas.  And if you're looking at this and wondering, "How's that diet going, Denise?"  Well, this is a lightened up version.  One enchilada has just under 350 calories.  And since a batch makes ten enchiladas, I freeze half for a quick dinner later on.  It's all good, Peeps!

The way to Walker's heart ~


  1. Looks good. Do not , and I repeat screw up your knee. Everytime you do it weakens ir. Trust me, I know.

    1. The thing is, I don't know what I'm doing to it. I gave up the Zumba and the elliptical when it swelled up the last time, and the doctor told me to keep walking on flat surfaces, so I did, but now it's sore and swollen again. So frustrating! This is my favorite time of year for bike riding, and I can't. Plus my weight loss is stalled while I "rest the knee". Cross your fingers for me, that I can get a referral on Friday ~

  2. chicken enchiladas mmmmmm

    how many does
    your Walker eat
    at one setting?

  3. Walker eats three and I have one and there's one leftover for later. =)

  4. I hate to say this but that is how ny replaced knee was. I never knew what I did to hurt it. I will cross my fingers, my toes don't cross any more. I hope you finaly get a diagnoses on it. and it settles down.

  5. that looks scrumptious. hope the knee gets attention soon. i know how bad they can hurt. take care.