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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet Spike

Not the greatest photo, but Spike is so shy, I didn't want to startle him by using a flash ~
 While Walker and I were traveling the state, attending parties and wowing crowds with a plastic pasta cooker, this sweet little guy was in need of a place to stay and a lot of love.  His mommy has been in the hospital, and he's been shuttled around town from family to family.  Of course we volunteered to provide foster care for him, until his mom can take care of him again.  His vagabond days are over.  As soon as we got back to town, he came home to us.  He's been through a lot lately, and is a little shy of us, but Walker and I are dedicated to him already.  Later today, puppy nieces Lily and Baizie will welcome him to the family.  I have my fingers crossed that all goes well, cause the girls will be staying with us later this month, too.


  1. Oh how could you not love this sweet little adorable baby. lol
    I do hope everyone gets along well and makes room for their new playmate.
    Your a sweetheart for taking him in and he is so lucky.
    Have you had a chance to enter my giveaway. Novica is sponsoring it and would love for you to put your name in the hat.

  2. That little dog is adorable.. Thank you for your encouragement that helped to make me more independent. You seem like you are on the move all the time so it would be hard for you not to be independent. It was the goal that drove me. Take care of that precious little dog, and I know you will.

  3. What a sweet face. That poor little thing. This is a noble thing you are doing. I hope his other mommy gets back on her feet soon. Take care. PS. the mass on my daughters liver is inoperable because it is blood vessels to vital organs all entwined. If one were to get nicked or rupture, itmeans instant death. Not the news we were hoping for, but all we can do is pray.

    1. We'll pray with you, sweetie. And cross our fingers, too. Hugs ~

  4. What a pretty dog. So sweet for your to care for him.

    How sad, the news TARTTERRE received and stated above, so sorry to hear it.

  5. So Spike got you up?? They have a way of doing those things. I just left TARTTERRE'S site and nothing was on it about her daughter. So sorry to read that.