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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 5 - EPCOT

EPCOT hosts an annual Flower and Garden Festival, which was the reason behind our whole trip this year.  The park is done up with flower beds, topiaries, and my favorite, Bambi’s butterfly house. 

 Before we  We skipped the rides and shows in the first part of the park, as we’ve experienced most of them before, but we did pause for a photo op.  I have a Disney Visa credit card from Chase Bank, and they offer a free portrait with a Disney character when you visit EPCOT.  

After the photo we headed to World Showcase by way of the Faerie Walk, which was basically a garden with several fairy topiaries along the way.  Miss Diva knows the names of every fairy, and I was wishing she was with us as I snapped my photos. 

A park as large as EPCOT is hard on my mom.  She’s a trouper, refusing to rent a wheelchair and walking with us a total of 42 miles around these parks during our week in Florida.  Still, I know it wears her out, so it was a nice treat to find there was a shuttle boat taking passengers from one side of the lake to the other.  The far side of the lake houses World Showcase, but we just call that part "the countries".   We found Jasmine and Aladdin right after we got off the boat. 

We finished our day with a cold pint in England, then we settled in to watch the fireworks.  One thing worth mentioning:  my mom uses a cane, and someone told her that there was a designated area for disabled folks, so we walked  - quite a way - over there, only to be turned away because my mom did not have an official Disney "special needs" card.  I was a bit cheesed, because clearly she would qualify, the area was not even close to full, and we walked a long way to get there.  If you have special needs, it's worth a visit to Guest Services to get your card, even if, like my mom, you don't think you need it.  You never know when it might be handy to have it. There is a Guest Services desk in every Disney park. 


  1. LOVE the gardens. They were beautiful. I think that is crummy of Disney to deny your mom entrance when she obviously has mobility issues. SHAME ON THEM. I struggle with my walking and know how difficult it is. GREAT picture of you and that Character you're with. What's his name??? LOL Take care.

  2. Walker and I got to pose with Goofy! Right after that shot, Goofy put a finger in each of our ears. The subsequent shot had Walker doubled over laughing ~ It's likely going to be our Christmas card photo, LOL.

  3. I too, could not remember the charaters name. I was trying to call him Doopy, but I knew that did not sound Goofy, it is! Love him.
    Seems to me they could have done better by your Mom than that. Yes, shame on them. I would try to find a place on their website, if possible, to leave feedback for that.
    Walker and you made a very pretty picture.