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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deja Vu

I have to go back to the dentist today, so of course I'm parked in front of the computer.  I am nothing if not consistent.  Turns out I don't need a root canal.  The dentist was as surprised as I was, as the tooth in question has a deep filling.  They use digital xrays now, and they can expand them as big as the entire computer screen, so they don't miss a thing.  And there is no sign of infection in the root of that tooth.  The discomfort is just from nerve trauma.  I do, however, have a bitty little cavity.  I'm having that filled today.

Last night, half of my coworkers were either out sick with the flu or on vacation.  I had to work a couple hours of unexpected over time, and of course I had to get up early for today's dental appointment.  I have no idea if we will have any sick calls for tonight.  I have my fingers crossed, but I'm expecting more of the same tonight. Cross your fingers for me, that I can get through the shift and home again in one piece, and without picking up the flu bug ~

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  1. Sounds good about the tooth. Do not get the flu!! Be glad they stay home.