LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Progress Report

So you may have noticed  my little yoga girl making her slow journey across the top of my blog.  I'm kind of surprised at my progress.  I haven't been "clean" in my eating, mostly because, three weeks into the year, we have had two birthday parties, a couple of major NFL game parties, and a very busy work schedule that resulted in a couple fast food runs.  At the conclusion of each event, I tell myself, this is the last one.  It's time to get serious.  But then something else comes up.  I'm trying to find a balance.  Like, if we go to a party where pizza is served, I have one slice and avoid things like sausage as much as possible.  But I refuse to be the one in the corner, noshing from a bag of celery sticks I brought in my purse and trying not to smell the pizza across the room.  I've met those people.  They generally do not seem to be enjoying themselves.  Plus, I figure, this is real life.  It does not end when you reach the goal weight.  At least, I hope it doesn't end.  So there has to be a way to find the balance.  So far, the approach is working.

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