LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Verdict

The dermatologist appointment went well - my brown spot is "just" a brown spot, nothing to be concerned about.  The whole appointment literally took exactly eight minutes.  Just so you know, it took me an hour to get ready and twenty minutes to drive to the clinic.  I decided it would be dumb to just go back home, so I took Walker out to lunch.  He went to the clinic with me in case they had to "do something" to the spot that required medication or something.  Turns out, even if they had removed the spot, they don't use sedation or pain medication other than a bit of Novocaine.  So Walker could have stayed in bed. 

It was too early for lunch at the bistro Walker loves best, so we went to the river and wandered around in the sun.  If I was a better blogger, I'd have had my pocket camera, well, in my pocket.  There was a water rescue dive team doing training around a hole in the ice, and it was fascinating.  I'm sorry I can't share photos of the event with y'all.  Never thought I'd need my camera at the dermatologist, which is why I will never make a living from my blog.

Going out to eat when you're working on weight loss is not a ton of fun.  Even if you get a server who is knowledgeable, and the restaurant is not slamming busy so they have time to answer your questions, it's hard to know just how things are prepared.  I'm still learning how to gauge portion size without measuring.  In the end, I stuck to soup and the salad bar, skipping the pasta and potato salad, with one fresh baked bread stick and a dab of tapioca for dessert.  When we got home I logged into Spark People to record the meal, and just had to wing it when it came to the portions.   I used home made raspberry dressing on the salad, but I have no idea if that was the best choice.  What I do know is, it was delicious.  Spark People does not award bonus points for delicious.  Still, I think I did okay.  Guess we'll find out on Monday when I hit the scale.

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