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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Random Bits ~

I've got a dentist appointment this afternoon, so of course I'm sitting here stalling instead of taking my shower and getting dressed.  This one is for a cleaning, no big deal, except I'm pretty sure I need a root canal and will not be able to live in denial after today.  I had a root canal, once, a long time ago.  I remember thinking afterward, that wasn't bad at all.  So why freak out now?  Wish I knew.  Guess that's just the way God made me.

My rental puppy went back home last week.  It is way too quiet in our house now.  I think Walker misses her, too, but he still would rather borrow a dog for the day than make one part of our family.  It's a compromise I can live with, for now. 

The wind is howling outside, taking away what was a really nice January thaw.  Well, most of us thought it was nice.  My unfortunate Bro was taking his trash out last week, in the dark of the very early morning.  He didn't know that his sidewalk had a patch of ice caused by snow that had melted the day before and froze overnight.  He didn't see it in the dark.  When he went down, he fell hard and broke three ribs. 

Well, I have more to tell y'all but it will have to wait.  I gotta go get ready for the torture chamber dentist. 

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