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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! First, a heartfelt "Thank you!" to our veterans and active duty service persons, as well as their family members.  Your sacrifices are remembered and appreciated.

It's hard for me to believe we have reached Memorial Day already.  The kids finish school this week.  Maybe it's the unseasonably cool weather, but it just does not "feel" like summer to me. 

On Saturday, Diva decided to donate her ponytail to Locks of Love.  My mom took her to the salon, and an hour later my little girl came home looking all grown up with her new hair cut. I'm proud of that kid, and the way she always thinks of others.  She is a very generous child.  Earlier that morning, she came in the house and asked if I had any chores for her.  She had found an angel figurine at a neighborhood rummage sale, and really wanted to get it for her other Grandma.  She needed to make two dollars.  I'm pretty sure she knew that if she had just asked me for the money I would have given it to her.  But she wanted to earn it, so she did.  Grandma got an angel, I got a dust free living room, and Diva got her wish.

The swelling in Ernie's foot was indeed caused by the fluid we are injecting under her skin.  The vet said that can happen sometimes, if the needle isn't centered in her neck.  We're supposed to give her half a dose at a time now, twice a day.  She barely tolerates the procedure.  I have to wonder: if she had all that swelling eleven hours after we injected her, does that mean her body wasn't using that fluid?  Do we still need to be giving it to her?  She goes back to the doctor on Thursday for another check.

I spent a couple hours working in the yard this weekend.  I discovered that my hanging flower basket is all dented and misshapen.  It looks like it was banging against the house during the tornado.  We have a couple aluminum window frames that are all bent up, too.  We got so lucky.  It could have been so, so much worse.  The weather folks did a map showing the route of the tornado through town.  When it was FOUR BLOCKS from my house, headed our way, it stopped dead.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.  We have a lot to be grateful for this Memorial Day.


  1. our girl sounds like a sweetheart. Thank you for the comment yesterday. I have had a lot of bumps in my life as you can imagine, since I have lived for 81 years. One thing I never dreamed would happen was to have a child (grown man now)turn against me but I have never raised a child that turned onto an alcoholic. Alcohol broke his marriage. He claims to have stopped drinking according to his kids. I never lectured him about drinking until I knew his wife was about leaving. After she left we continued to talk just fine and one day I got the nastiest E-mail from him. The last time I saw him was was 19 years, ago when he was still with his wife and he came back to be pallbearer for his half brother, my son by a previous marriage. I got pretty well reconciled that I would never see him again while I was alive, then his face was the first one I saw on FB 2 days ago and it flooded memories back. Try not to let that happen again.

  2. You have a precious little girl and it seems that you have her pointed in the right direction. I enjoy reading your blog.