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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Another Saturday.....

I'm not sure if Ernie is okay or not.  She's having trouble with her back legs, and she's still wobbly on her feet.  At first, the vet said it was the sedation but that was on Thursday.  Surely she should be over that by now.  Then we thought she was sore from her procedure.  I'm not sure but every time she struggles to walk my heart skips a beat. She's eating well, but has yet to poo.  We're giving her fluids under her skin, and while she's still thin, she looks so much better.  She feels heftier, too.  The kids are very careful with her.  It's quite precious to watch.

We tried a yard sale again this morning and again got rained out.  Since it's all set up I think we'll keep trying until we get a good day.  As much as I hate getting up early after a late night at work, I'm motivated by the idea that whatever money we make goes into the vacation fund.  We're hoping to meet family at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival next spring.  We have some saving to do if we want to meet that goal.

In the process of getting ready for the yard sale, I went through a couple closets and of course, the basement.  I learned something valuable: women hold onto things for a length of time directly proportional to the amount of money they spent on said item, even if they know they will never use it again. Case in point: I had a shelf in the linen closet full of cosmetics, mostly hair stuff, that I spent too much money on because someone (usually me)  convinced me that using this exotic, overpriced stuff would make my wimpy hair thick and curly and gorgeous.  Um, yeah.  I know.  But somehow I was always a bit surprised when it didn't work.  Maybe I did something wrong.  Cause, you know, it's hard to use shampoo and conditioner and spray gel.  Surely with practice I'll be able to make it work.  Until I gave up and shoved the half used bottle of whatever into the linen closet.  Where it stayed.  Cause, you know, I spent too much money on it so I can't throw it out.  Except I did.  Throw it out.  All of it, except the shampoo, which Walker will use.  The stinky lotion, the body wash that gave me a rash, the leave in conditioner that won't weigh fine hair down (but did), the dry shampoo that makes your hair look just washed (but didn't), the deep conditioner that dried my hair out so bad I could not get a comb through it and ended up pulling it into a pony tail all knotted so I could get to work on time.  The mineral makeup, the lipsticks that make my teeth look orange, the "smokey eye" shadow that made me look like I lost a fight......all tossed. After convincing myself that the money I spent on this stuff was gone, no matter how long I kept it, I tossed the first jar of stuff.  Then another, and another.....It felt surprisingly good.  The guilt I felt for spending too much on stuff that I never used went into the garbage, too.  Lesson learned.

I mentioned this to a group of friends and every single one of them copped to the same thing.  For some it was clothes, for some it was kitchen stuff, for some it was craft supplies, and for some it was cosmetics, like me.  But every one of them had a "stash" of stuff they knew they would never use, but could not give up because they spent good money on it.  Too bad we can't all have a giant swap meet.  Bring all the stuff we can't use and trade it.  You know, that's not a bad idea.....

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