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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random Bits

Ernie seems to be her old self.  No more incidents.  She's eating well and has spent the last couple days curled up on one of the kids or sleeping on the bathroom mat.  Just like before.  I have my fingers crossed that whatever happened was just some flukey thing. 

The kids are cooking Mother's Day brunch for Grandma and the god mothers.  Bro invited his soon-to-be ex wife, so she could enjoy scrambled eggs and waffles cooked by her boys.  I'm proud of Bro.  My parents' divorce was not, ever, amicable.  We were well past the age of majority before they would be in any room other than a courtroom at the same time.  I'm glad my nephews don't have to go through that.  I'm proud of my sister in law, too.  She didn't have to accept the invitation.  The kids knew nothing about it.  She could have said no.  She's picking the boys up at noon, anyway, so it's not like she wouldn't get to see them.

My mom had a rummage sale today.  I got up early to help her.  It was not a great day to sit in the driveway.  Cold, windy....the sun didn't come out until the last hour.  My mom mentioned that she went to the end-of-year program at the boys' school last week.  That startled me: I'm still scraping frost off my windshield after work.  How can it be the end of the school year already?  But, yeah, they have about three more weeks.  Yikes!

Happy Mother's Day to my blogger pals with kids.  I don't have kids, but I feel like I do.  I'm content to be the world's coolest auntie, not that I have a choice.  I feel very lucky to have such great kids in my life, even if they are on loan.  =)  I'll enjoy every bite of my brunch tomorrow, even if I do end up cleaning up the mess.  Maybe I'll have to take pictures of the kitchen when the kids are done. 

And finally, if you can stand another photo of my tulips....I just love how, when the sun goes down, they all close and "nod" off in the same direction.  I always think they're sleeping.  Til next time!

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