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Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Out, World!

I started the Medifast plan a week ago today, and so far, I'm down 4.6 pounds.  That's better than I hoped for.  I seem to remember that last year, the first two weeks brought the biggest loss.  I've decided to make the goal a round thirty pounds, so I have a good start.  Diva has been wanting to go back to the Mall of America.  I was thinking that when I make my goal, I'll need new jeans, so why not road trip to the Mall to get them?  The last time we took Diva to the Mall of America we went after school on a Friday, and we had to have her home on Saturday by suppertime, so there were a lot of things we didn't get to do.  The promise of a trip back will be another great motivation.

Walker is painting the front entry of the house.  He's been at it for hours.  Today is the perfect day to paint - sunny, warm, nice breeze, low humidity.  Walker is very precise when he works a project like this, much more so than I would be.  The paint started peeling last fall and I wasn't able to do anything about it.  I'll be very glad when it's done.  Walker will make it look fabulous.

This morning, just after 2am, the neighbor across the street got a visitor.  There are a lot of people living in that house and someone is always coming or going.  I don't sit and watch my neighbors, LOL, so I don't know what was going on but I could hear music when the car pulled up.  Several minutes later, the music was still going and someone started blowing on the car horn.  Repeatedly.  

The horn blowing went on for several minutes and I decided enough was enough.  I went across the street and approached the car.  Inside was a young woman dressed for a night out.  Two men were talking on the lawn.  Apparently the woman wanted to get going and didn't care if she woke the whole neighborhood to make her wishes known.  I don't know what the men were talking about - they were loud but didn't sound angry, though they were not speaking English so who knows - but they were about eight feet from the car.  Miss Lazy could have hoisted her fanny out of the car and joined them, or even rolled the window down and said something.  She didn't need to lay on the horn a dozen times.

So I approached the car and asked her to please stop blowing the horn.  She gave me this totally blank look and said, "Okay."  I asked her if she knew that it was 2:30 in the morning.  Same blank look, and, "Yes".  Then she got out of the car, walked over to the men and yelled at them for several minutes until one of the men went into the house and the other went back to the car. 

I started laughing on the way back across the street.  I had charged out of the house in my fuzzy pink robe and bare feet.  I must have looked pretty odd coming up to the car in the dark.  I don't much care.  I do have to wonder, just what happens inside someone's head that basic respect for others goes out the window like that.  Not only the woman in the car, but also the two men on the lawn who ignored all that rude horn blowing.  When did we stop caring about our neighbors?

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  1. I would have been afraid to have gone out, lol. I would have called the law. Hope you get to make your trip to the mall soon and congratulation on your weight loss. Take care, Jean