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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is it Friday Yet?

Three days on the diet and so far, so good.  Yesterday was the first day I was really hungry, and I have those days even when I'm not on a diet.  I chewed a lot of gum, stayed busy, and got through it.  Medifast food tastes okay, but the portion sizes are pretty darn small.  More like a snack than a meal.  Walker & Bro went marketing and came home with all kinds of healthy stuff.   They cooked it for me, too.  With support like that, I got this.

My kitty is still doing okay.  She isn't eating much, but she is eating.  The weather suddenly got hot - 92* and humid, after weeks of unseasonable cold.  Ernie never eats much when it's really hot.  But I worry.  I check on her constantly.  I'm probably driving her nuts with my hyper vigilance. Poor old girl.  If she gets fed up with me she hangs out with Bro.  He brushes her and talks to her and sneaks her treats.  She never would let anyone else come near her with a brush.

Walker took my car into the shop for whatever the automobile equivalent of a check up is.  They looked it over, gave him a pretty short list of recommended maintenance, and, after some discussing between us, fixed everything on the list. We spent almost $600 but for car repairs, that didn't seem too terrible.  Well, the next day the service engine light came on, then the day after that it started making some terrible squeaking noise.  Back to the shop it goes. At some point, we need to decide to stop with all the repair bills and trade the damn thing in.  But every time we take it in, they tell us, this is it now, you should be good for several months.  Ahem.  Right. I do trust our mechanic - he's a family friend and well regarded in his field - but I think you can only predict so much.  We need to win the lottery.  I guess that means we need to play the lottery.

Right now, I'm counting down the hours till the weekend.  I don't know why this week feels like it's dragged on forever, but it does.  We've been so busy.  We're getting a lot done and I feel great about what we've accomplished but I'm looking forward to some time on the patio, under my about-to-bloom crab apple tree with a good book. 

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