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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storm Stories

Everywhere I go, I hear storm stories.  "Where were you when the tornado hit?" is the question of the week.  Friends share photos and video.  And the destruction!  It amazes me how random it is.  On one block, every house but one is fine, but the one that got hit is minus a roof, or siding, or knocked off the foundation.  Trees are torn up, and streets and sidewalks are buckled up from the tree roots that got yanked out of the ground.  Several major employers have had to close, at least for now, due to storm damage.  So many people, out of work, just like that.  The tornado missed us by just four city blocks.  Pretty sobering thought.

One hour after the tornado, we had gorgeous skies again....

I came home from work this morning and found Ernie, playful as a kitten, but with a very swollen front paw.  It did not seem to bother her, as she leaped around the living room like she hasn't done in years, hopping from one piece of furniture to the next.  I have a call in to the vet, and I'm trying to stay awake until he calls back.  They told me that it most likely is caused by the fluid we're giving her under the skin, but they want the doctor to talk to me just to be sure we don't need to do anything differently.

Check out that ginormous paw.  I know the photo is a wonky angle, but trust me ~ it was huge.
 We are supposed to have temps in the thirties tonight.  Yep, the thirties.  Did anyone remember to tell the weather gods that it is supposed to be almost summer?  I'm going to have to put my capri pants back into storage at this rate.  The last of my tulips have come into bloom.  I wish they lasted longer, but I guess that's one of things that makes them so special.  They are here for just a short time.


  1. I am glad the storm missed you, close call. Ernie and the tulips are beautiful. Which one wins? I'll take Ernie!

  2. Glad the storm missed you. The tulips are so pretty. They do not last long it seems. Emie's paw is swollen and I bet it is the fluid you have been injecting. It sounds logical. She is a beautiful cat.