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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holding Pattern

These days, I've been feeling like a hamster on her wheel.  Running, always running, but going nowhere.  It's a temporary feeling, caused by circumstances beyond my control. I'm waiting for Ernie's test results, so we can figure out what to do for her.  Waiting for my test results, same reason.  Waiting for the closing on my refinance, so I can redo my budget after I see how the numbers shake out.  Waiting for the powers that be at the office to decide the next direction of my career.  Waiting for Bro to close on his house, so I can go back to my old routine. Waiting, always waiting.

I have loved having Bro and the boys here.  I am grateful that I had the space to offer, and that Bro was willing to take me up on it.  In the same situation, I would not change a thing. But Walker and I work nights, and having people in the house who are on a "normal" schedule is hard.  Especially kids, who really have no concept of what it's like to work overnights.  I guess it isn't just kids;  if I had a dollar for every time someone commented on how nice it must be to have every day free I could retire.  They seem to forget that if I'm working all night I have to sleep during the day. I'm not sitting around watching soaps and eating bon bons.  Anyway: Bro and the boys are welcome here for as long as they want to stay, but when they get ready to move on, that will be okay with me, too.  His closing was supposed to be at the end of this month but now it has been moved back a couple weeks. We're hoping his seller doesn't get frustrated and cancel the deal.  Nobody wants to move during the winter months in this climate.

The work thing....well, what I can tell you is, I work for an international company.  We're actually doing pretty well in this crappy economy, but some of our clients are experiencing a slow down.  With that in mind, my company is taking a proactive approach to lower our costs so we can keep our fees down for our customers.  Pretty standard business stuff. The problem is that one way to cut costs is to cut staff.  So far, my office is not on the list of facilities that are making cuts, but the list is not complete. It's hard to know what to do.  I like my job and I like the company and I really don't want to be the new kid at a different company in a shaky economy, but I also don't want to be sitting at my desk with a dopey grin on my face when they tell me my services are no longer required. Walker and I are discussing the situation, considering all the options.  I don't know which way I'll end up going.

Right now, I have the house to myself.  I'm just about done with my weekly cleaning.  Ernie has been fed and medicated.  The last load of laundry is running.  There's food in the fridge. All of that means that when I finish cleaning (I just have the dusting left) the rest of this day is mine. I'm reading a really good book, and I have a feeling I'll be spending the afternoon in Walker's comfy chair, kitty in my lap and book in my hand. 


  1. I think the way you are going to spend your day is a great one! I always like a good book and an afternoon to spend reading it! I think you are generous to open your house up like you did, especially with different schedules you are on with work. Good luck making the right decision with work, it is always hard to know what to do these days with the way the economy is.

    enjoy the day!


  2. I can relate to your problems working nightshift. I'm a night owl. Up all night, sleep in the morning. I hate when people don't appreciate the fact my schedule isn't the same as theirs. It's hard to wait for things to happen. It's unsettling. I hope the tests come back soon. And As for your job... I'd stick with the job as long as it sticks with you. It's a bad economy and employment is hard to come by. Take care.

  3. It is hard when things are up in the air. Hope all tests come out good.