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Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Pink Nail for Breast Cancer Awareness

I copied this from a beauty forum that I like to visit.  The lovely ladies on the forum are planning a new look for their manicures during the month of October.  While I don't usually paint my nails, I think I'll join them for the next couple weeks.  Read on:

Hope many of you reading this will join us with ONE PINK NAIL for the month of OCTOBER 2011

Wear your chosen polish color and make your left ring finger the ONE PINK NAIL

Why the left ring finger?  It's said to have the vein connected to our heart (as in the reason behind the "traditional" wedding finger ring).

Why one pink nail?
It will catch more attention than a full pink manicure and will give each person the opportunity to answer those that ask "Why ONE PINK NAIL?" with the following:   "It's to remind us during October, the month of breast cancer awareness, to do our monthly self exam and those who are over 40 to get their mammogram."

That one pink nail may just save a life!


  1. I haven`t painted my nails in years, but what a cool idea. Thanks for the advice on the unbrella plant.

  2. I don't paint my nails either but I just may. What a neat idea for a good cause. Thanks for telling us.