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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here We Go Again

So this morning, Walker wakes me at 7:30 to tell me that - surprise! - there are puddles in the basement again.  Sigh.  The problem is, we don't know where they came from.  My money is on the water heater (that we just put in around the holidays) but Walker thinks it must be from somewhere else.  Okay, but where?  The water was only in the utility room, so it could be from the water heater, the bathroom, the washing machine, or the floor drain.  Well, nobody did laundry or used that bathroom.  If the floor drain backed up, it didn't leave any sandy grit stuff like the last two times.  And the clean out was clear.  Nope, I'm betting on the water heater.  Walker made a dam of kitty litter all around the water heater.  If there's water inside the dam, we know it's leaking. 

Walker cleaned up the puddles as best he could.  I helped a bit but he did the bulk of it.  Now, we're just waiting for it to happen again, so hopefully we can figure out the source.  I'm not keen on paying a plumber to check everything.

On the plus side, temps are rising, and so are my flower bulbs.  This morning, the snow had melted enough to show me this:  Three inches of tulip leaves popping up in my front garden.  This area is sheltered from the wind, plus it gets sun all afternoon.  That combination creates this little micro climate that makes my flowers bloom a good two or three weeks before any of the neighbors.  I'm so excited for color, I can't tell you.  The last couple years my garden has been very neglected.  My medical issues pretty much took up all my time.  I'm anxious to get out there this year and clean things up.  Come on, Spring!

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