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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Special Gift

My mom and I celebrated St Paddy's Day by going out for Reuben sandwiches for lunch.  We went to a local restaurant that used to be part of a big factory.  It's pretty cool how they revamped the building.  The restaurant is in a small part of a very large building.  There are some other businesses in there as well, including a flea market that we participated in last year.

As we left the restaurant, my mom stopped to chat with an artist who was paining a mural in the front hallway.  While they were talking, I took a look at some of the paintings for sale in the same area.  All of them depicted local scenes and were beautifully done, but there was one that I absolutely fell in love with.  Yesterday, Walker bought and brought it home for me.

One of the reasons this first caught my eye was the format of it.  When we travel, Walker and I look for artsy postcards that we take home and frame in groups.  It's a pretty cheap way to make art but we love to have these momentos of our travels decorating our home.  This one was from a trip to Kansas to visit my mom, who lived there for a short time a couple years back:

This one is from the Painted Desert in Arizona.  We visited this area several years ago, when we scattered my father's ashes in a meadow nearby:

This one is my favorite.  It shows several scenes from the San Francisco Bay area.  Walker and I have visited there twice, and have great memories of both trips:

We have a couple more but you get the idea.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to add this home town watercolor to my collection.

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