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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Catch a Leprechaun

My nephew Squeak is nine years old. He's been building leprechaun traps for a couple years now. This year's trap.....well, you'll just have to see it for yourself.  Lets take a tour, shall we?

He started with an ordinary copy paper box.  Nothing ordinary about it anymore, though.  Note the ramp in front.  Squeak assures me that a leprechaun would be curious enough to climb the ramp just to have a peek in the window.  Once he's up there, he'll fall right in.  Why won't he climb back out? Because he's too short to reach the hole and hoist himself up.

Should Mr Leprechaun decide to bypass the ramp, Squeak has a back up plan.  Leprechauns are greedy little buggers, and they love shiny things.  They also love green.  So Squeak baited the top of the trap with trinkets.

In case you're wondering, that dark spot in the upper right corner is a window for Squeak to check his trap.  He covered it with a plastic lid from a container of strawberries.  He didn't want the leprechaun to get out.  I didn't point out that if he can't get out of the hole in the side, he won't be able to get out of the hole in the roof.  Kid logic does not respond to adults.

Anyway: Note the shiny bits and green glass rocks.  There is also a toy fire engine, which Squeak decided would be the perfect ride on toy for Mr Leprechaun.  Why does he need this?  Well, if you look in the center of the box, you'll have a clue.  Squeak decided that while the leprechaun is riding around on his fire truck scooping up baubles, he would never notice that green patch.  And when he rode over it?  Whoops!  Down the hole he goes.  Now, don't feel bad for Mr Leprechaun.  Squeak has provided him with all the comforts of home.  Take a look inside this trap:

More toys and a comfy couch where he can take a nap.  And when he wakes?  No problem!  Squeak thoughtfully provided a snack.  That is, if leprechauns like Cheerios.

Now, you probably noticed the red cup hanging over the Cheerios.  What you can't see well in this photo is what's under the Cheerios.  That, my friends, is duct tape.  The leprechaun will wander over to eat the cereal, get stuck in the duct tape, and while he wiggles around trying to free himself, Wham!

Down comes the cup.  And that, my friends, is how you catch a leprechaun, Squeak style.


  1. Too cute! What's he going to do with the leprechaun when he catches it?

  2. That is just to cute. He knows adventure when he sees it.