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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Max Azria, Please Make More!

Walker and I have a date.  A real date, for dinner and a concert.  A big concert.  Since we both work nights, going out together is a rare and wonderful thing.  Aside from our vacation in February, I honestly do not know when we last went out together like a normal couple.  So even though our date isn't for over a month, I started thinking about what to wear.

I hunted through my closet for something nice to wear but all I have in there are tshirts, sweatshirts, and a couple of heavy, dark dress shirts.  I lost some weight last year, and pretty much everything is loose and baggy.  I want to wear color.  I want to look nice.  I want a top that fits properly.  It was time to go shopping.

We don't live in a shopper's paradise here.  Our town has one rather small mall, and that mall mostly consists of stores geared to teenagers and twenty somethings.  So before I blew an afternoon traipsing through those stores getting worn out and frustrated (can you tell how much I love our mall, LOL) I hit the internet, and almost immediately found exactly what I was looking for:

photo courtesy of Auctiva
Just one problem: it's out of stock.  Everywhere. 

Why, why, why is it still coming up in search engines if you can't buy it anywhere?  Once, I got a catalog in the mail with a really cute outfit on the cover.  I had a wedding to attend a few weeks later and this outfit was perfect.  So I tried to order it.  Not available on the website, not available from the catalog.  I thought, okay, maybe it hasn't been released yet.  So I waited a bit, then contacted customer service.  They told me that the outfit on the cover of their catalog was a "representation" of their merchandise, and was not actually carried by their store.  They didn't know what store carried it, sorry, but wait!  Here are a list of links to comparable items in their inventory.  One was a velour track suit, one was a tube top ~ seriously, this is what they thought comparable to a dressy capri-and-jacket outfit.  Um, not so much.

At any rate, I have time.  I almost wish I hadn't looked at anything before I actually went shopping, because now I that I have an idea of what I want I'll probably knock  myself out trying to find it.  Sometimes it's better to just go flying blind and see what jumps out at you.  Ah, well.  At the end of the day, if my biggest problem is what to wear on a night out I'm doing pretty darn well.

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