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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maybe the House is Just Haunted

Last week we had plumber number two in to look at our sewer line.  Again, he could not find anything blocking it.  Yet, for no apparent reason, it backs up from time to time.  It doesn't make any sense, as some days we shower, do laundry, run the dishwasher, and everything's fine.  Then the next day, someone takes a shower and there's water backing up five minutes in.  Walker even had the city come out to check the main sewer line in the street.  Nothing.

Yesterday, Diva and I decided to make some key lime bars for after dinner.  We baked the crust, mixed up the filling, poured it over the crust and put it in the oven.  Ten minutes later I was washing dishes and Walker was clearing the table when we heard a snapping noise.  I thought Walker had knocked into something but then I smelled burning sugar.  Walker opened up the oven to discover half my Pyrex baking pan had shattered.

What a mess!  I turned off the oven while Diva ran for a baking sheet.  I was able to pull the remains of the pan out onto the baking sheet before all the filling liquid leaked out but the oven was way too hot to start wiping up.  The filling continued to bake while the oven cooled.  It actually looked pretty good, LOL, but can I tell you ~ it was a sticky, baked on mess by the time it cooled enough for me to start cleaning it up.

Walker was disappointed about the lack of dessert, so he took Diva to the grocery store for ice cream.  I asked him to grab a can of oven cleaner while they were there.  So now, three hours later, I'm waiting for the oven cleaner to work it's magic on the last layer of baked on gunk.  I should have asked Walker to pick up some rubber gloves, too.  My hands are getting raw from all the water and chemicals they've been exposed to during this project.

I have to wonder about what caused this mess.  Pyrex is pretty sturdy.  We didn't knock it around, the pan was warm from the crust baking before we put it in the oven, and the oven was only set to 350*.  No good reason I can see for this dish to shatter like that.  Unless, you know, the evil spirits came out of the drain to haunt the oven.


  1. I have days like that and I hate them. That is unusual for pyrex to do that. I wonder if maybe your house is Your oven is so clean everywhere else. I have an ancient self cleaning oven but with a knob broke off of it is almost impossible to set.Gas Co. said they can't order a new knob for it.

  2. Yelp it's haunted, lol. I hate to have days like this when it looks like everything I try to do goes wrong and the key lime bars would have been so gooood. Take care.